Welcome to the London College of Meditation! A NewHuman Beings community.

Hello beautiful newHumans,
The LCoM is a community created with the intention of getting on together on higher level of consciousness with all open-minded and open-hearted people, regardless of your background or belief, united in peace, joy and in celebration of this beautiful planet Earth and of all its living beings. You are a divine soul capable of infinite Love and Compassion.
We are all born creative, joyful and free souls.
We will develop and re-discover our true essence, our divine soul, through meditation and celebration, music, healing and dance. Our main goal is our Spiritual growth, Joy, Light, Freedom and Cosmic awareness.
We will be offering social events like weekly meditation classes in and around London and outside, meditation courses, webinars, healing sessions, weekend retreats, drop-in classes, in-depth study programmes, and much more.

Meditation is the gateway to all understanding.
Meditations is Celebration, Pure Joy, Sharing, Creativity, Dancing, Loving, Peaceful, Bliss. It is Mindfulness, it is Wakefulness. Meditation is the Art of living Here and Now ! And we can all experience it united in a tremendous wave of awareness. If you trust that your being and soul is of an immense value for this planet, if you feel connected with everything around you, and if you vibrate with the whole existence and resonate with it, come to enjoy and rejoice within this community
We look forward to seeing you 🙂

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By registering with us, you can have online access to our Flip Books collection (that includes books by Osho, Lao Tze, Gurdijeff, Thich Nhat Hanh and many others), Audio Books and Teaching Resources. You can also benefit from Special offer and Reduced prices for some of our classes and courses, and to find and connect with other open-minded/open-hearted newHumans.

Online Meditations

Courses are based on Video Live Sessions in real-time where you connect with your computer or mobile device

~ Video Live based
~ Real-time sessions
~ Interactive learning and practice
~ Individual and small group classes

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London College of Meditation

Our Meditation techniques have been researched and positively evaluated by the Regent’s University of London.