About Us

We are a growing collective of creative, joyful and free souls, passionate about developing and re-discovering our true essence, our divine soul. Our main goal is our Spiritual growth, Joy, Light, Freedom and Cosmic awareness.
We will achieve this by meeting one another and sharing in meditation, celebration, chanting, music, healing, dance and other social occasions. We are all born divine souls capable of infinite Love and Compassion, regardless of our background or beliefs.
We will be offering social events like weekly meditation classes in and around London, meditation courses, webinars, healing sessions, weekend retreats, drop-in classes, in-depth study programmes, and much more, with the intent of getting on together on higher level of consciousness with all open-minded and open-hearted people, united in peace, joy and in celebration and in caring of this beautiful planet Earth and of all its living Beings.
We are open to to welcome initiatives for the national and international community as well as any volunteer or co-organizers who might want to help us in this wonderful journey.
We are a self-funded non-profit organization.
Message from the Founder:
Going deep down into meditation is the MOST beautiful trip ever. It’s our primordial yearning. So easy, so natural. You simply sit, relax and let everything happen… surrendering.
But you require an environment that is nurturing, rich in inner stimulus. You deserve to be immersed in an environment which takes care of your unique being from the day you arrive, and works with you to ensure that you enjoy lifelong spiritual grown through a creative and joyful journey. 
We hope that the pages that follow give you an idea of what it’s like to be part of the London College of Meditation.
Remember, you can email your questions to us, and do check our website regularly for the latest information.
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Founder of the LCoM
Meditation & Wakefulness teacher
Reiki Master/Teacher
MMus, BMus (Hons), Pgdip, SEN, BTEC, QTS