– Developing your inner singing

urlEach of us has its own voice and its own song that wanted to be sang. Singing is so natural for human beings as it is for birds. But as we have been instructed to follow grades and school curricula instead than experimenting and exploring our vocality, we have lost touch with our individual musicality, lost the joy of it and more importantly its beneficial effects.

This is a call for everyone, any level and ability, to come and sing their souls out. No matter how do you feel about your voice, you will be singing: group singing, solo singing, silently singing. We will also sing with microphone and we will be recording our performances using recording techniques, as well as singing with instruments.

2 days course

Sat-Sun 2.00pm 7-00pm


This course is structured in three different groups according to your already acquired vocality knowledge and experience.


Beginner : This is a group for people with strong academic or formal vocal training.

Intermediate : This is a group for people with intermediate academic or formal vocal training.

Expert : This is a group for people with no academic or formal vocal training.

Pre-registration is essential for this course.

Send us an email if you are interested in this course quoting your group ability.