Compassion One Day Workshop

images-3_copyA deep exploration of your inner essence of love and compassion in this intensive One Day Workshop; you will be guided to find your individual approach towards the state of awareness !

Sat 2.00pm – 7.00pm


“We Are All Rivers Seeking More Or Less Consciously The Ocean Of Compassion And Love. Compassion Helps Us To Clearly See That Everything On This Planet Has Its Uniqueness, An Unique Fragrance, a Precious Delicacy, And That We Are All Unique, But Made Of The Same Essence, Drops Of The Same Ocean, Water Or Water Vapor, Mortal And Divine At The Same Time.” Iggy


Some of the topics:

Passive and active meditations. Relaxing, watching, not judging. Practices that helps us to see the automation and routine of the mind. Start Loving yourself. How to stay in the here and now of the present moment. Simple strategies to reduce tensions. Trustfulness as a permanent state. Understanding the transient nature of feelings. Dropping desires & planning. Dealing with different emotions. Quietening the chattering mind.


To book your place for this course contact us by phone or email.

Please note: advanced payment is required to join this class.