Opening Night All Welcome – Presentation + Meditation + Healing + Social






Presentation + Meditation + Healing + Social

FRIDAY 27th March

7 pm – 8.30 pm, social from 9pm – onwards


Venue: Fitzrovia Community Centre

2 Foley Street London W1W 6DL

Tube stations: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Warren Street.


Doors Close at 7.00pm. Pre-pay online to reserve your space. 



This is the first call for our Newhuman beings community.

Our aim is to start meeting and share the path for transformation through Love & Compassion.

Our tool is called Meditation – The Spiritual grow is JUST a natural consequence of Meditation.

At the event, We will also reach a state of relaxation, peace, connection, love and compassion to re-create a sacred space for healing to happen. That will occur by gently placing hands on some points, over the head (or just above) and shoulders, to Newhumans members while they are sitting on the chair.

In this loving environment, with meditation, beautiful music and guided visualization the group healing energy will be very powerful as the entire room will resonate with the energy of the whole group, and shifting of consciousness might be experienced as well.




We will begin with and Introduction of The London College of Meditation and its community aims, activities and goals. You’ll be also given a Prospectus handouts.

  • Then we will all start a deep and powerful Meditation. Meditation might be less or more, guided. It will depend on the particular time and space that will be generated by the group energy.
  • At a certain point during the meditation, the healing session will start by gently placing hands on (and/or hands-off) your head, shoulders, back or just above. Aura cleansing before and after the healing will also take place.
  • All Newhumans need only to close eyes and relax. Simply watch and feel whatever feeling you are experienced and stay with it.
  • Reiki healing/energy is a very gentle and powerful form of relaxation. It is felt as heat (or sometimes as cold) that emanates from the practitioner’s hands into your body, balancing all your energetic system: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and helping to shift  blockages, pains, life issues – into light, truth and awareness.
  • The meditation and the healing/energy will work with the vibrations of Universal Compassion and Unity, so enjoy the experience of inner re-tuning your self to your natural state of light being. At the same time watch your thoughts and observe your feelings and emotions.
  • After everyone has received healing/energy, the Meditation will end with a Graditude ritual.
  • The evening will end with a group Chant (if time allows).
  • Please feel free to get up from your seat at any time to go to the bathroom or to have a break, a glass of water or simply to stretch your legs.
  • If you want to meet with others newhumans, after the event you are very welcome to join our Social meeting at a nearby Cafe’.

About us:

London College of Meditation is a growing collective of creative, joyful and free souls, passionate about developing and re-discovering our true essence, our divine soul. Our main goal is our Spiritual growth, Joy, Light, Freedom and Cosmic awareness.

We will achieve this by meeting one another and sharing in meditation, celebration, chanting, music, healing, dance and other social occasions. We are all born divine souls capable of infinite Love and Compassion, regardless of our background or beliefs.

And we can all experience it united in a tremendous wave of awareness. If you trust that your being and soul is of an immense value for this planet, if you feel connected with everything around you, and if you vibrate with the whole existence and resonate with it, come to enjoy and rejoice within this community.

Create a Free Account on our website and start your journey within others newhumans 🙂