Reiki 1 Classes in London with Reiki Master, Iggy

Reiki 1 ‘Shoden’

Reiki 1 Classes in London, Kent, Italy with Reiki Master, Iggy

Level 1 “Shoden”

Cost  £200

It is necessary to attend all sessions of a class. Each session starts promptly, ending time is approximate.

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This is Reiki Level 1 course, or ‘First Degree’.

Students attending a First Degree Reiki course will be initiated by Reiki Master Iggy.

All participants will receive four attunements, which are rituals passed down from Reiki master to Reiki master, and will be initiated into Reiki. These result in the capacity to channel Reiki for self and others.

The focus of the course will be the practical integration of Reiki into everyday life, for self-healing, and how to use it with friends and family. You will be practicing a sequence of hand movements and experience the fundamental energies of our being and the essential ways to work on these.

The students also learn about different types of physical and emotional reactions one might expect after a Reiki treatment. Students will have the opportunity to practise with each other. We will also discuss using Reiki in First Aid situations, and there will be opportunities to discuss using Reiki with children, as well as with plants and animals.

You will learn also about the history of Reiki and the Reiki principles, with the emphasis on good practice and ethics. There is time for questions and it is stressed the importance of starting the healing process with yourself.

It is advisable before and during a Reiki course to avoid coffee, alcohol and stimulants including tobacco. It is also better to rest/sleep well before and during the course.

There will be 14 -18 hours of tuition depending upon the size of the group. I teach either over two full-day course or over 4 days 2-3 hours a day.  These classes are taught in small groups or individually.

Once been rooted into the system, you will hold Reiki in your hands for life.

At the end of the course, you will receive a Reiki Manual, a CD with music for treatments and  a certificate

In this course we will :

  • Receive 4 initiations by your Reiki Master

  • Learn about the history of Reiki

  • Be introduced to the Reiki principles

  • Practice self-treatment

  • Give treatments to others with the emphasis on good practice and ethics as well as hand positions on the front and back of the body

  • Learn about the different types of physical and emotional reactions one might experience after a Reiki treatment

  • Explore Yin and Yang polarities, and the elements and energy characteristics in each chakra.

  • Discuss breathing technique, meditations and other forms of energy medicine combined with Reiki as an effective form of treatment

  • Discuss treating children, animals and plants

  • Discuss using Reiki in First Aid situations