– Reiki shares


 EVERY Last Tuesday OF Each Month  

20.45 pm to 21.45 pm


All skill levels and new comers welcome.

Cost: £10

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This two hour session provides a fantastic opportunity to reconnect or to deepen our connection with Reiki, as everyone is giving and receiving a treatment. We will take turns to each receive a reiki session laying down on a massage couch.

During the session we will:

  • Cleanse the energy field and ensure everyone is at ease.
  • Start a Reiki circle where everyone can share feedbacks if desired.
  • Start the Reiki share taking turns to each receive a healing session laying down on a massage couch.
  • During the event, we will reach a state of relaxation, peace, connection, love and compassion to re-create a sacred space for healing to happen. That will occur by gently placing hands on some points, known as chakras, to members while they are laying down on a massage table.
  • Reiki healing/energy is a hands on gentle and powerful form of relaxation. It is felt as heat (or sometimes as cold) that emanates from the practitioner’s hands into your body, balancing all your energetic system: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and helping to shift  blockages, pains, life issues – into well-being, light, truth and awareness. The meditation and the healing/energy will allow an  enjoyable experience of deep re-tuning to your true self and to your natural state of divine being. At the same time it is good to simply be a watcher of your thoughts of your feelings and emotions, and just allow and observe them.
  • Give our gratitude and share feedbacks if desired at the end of the share.